Local regulations

The most important information to know before flying to Žilina Airport:

1. Frequencies and ATS

Q Before entering airspace of Žilina CTR/TMA outside published OPR HR of Žilina TWR pilots are requested to verify provision of ATS                                                                   by calling on FREQ of Žilina TWR 124,150 MHz.
Q This is due to possible change of OPR HR of Žilina TWR on a short notice when issuing of appropriate NOTAM in due time is not possible or                                                    pilots are not able to become familiar with appropriate NOTAM during the flight.
Q  An Aerodrome Traffic Zone ( ATZ ) is activated outside OPR HR of Žilina TWR. 
Q  CTAF FREQ: 123,685 MHz, call sign: ŽILINA TRAFFIC.

2. Helicopter traffic - limitation

Q  For safety reasons, helicopter operations ( take-off, landing, air taxiing, engine test runs, engine start up and other activities with helicopter operations )                             is permitted on movement area only.

3. Outside OPR HR flights and relevant services will be arranged only O/R by arrangement with AD operator

     List of aircraft of airport users who have the agreement with AD operator to use the airport outside OPR HR

Q  Based aircraft:

OM-AFB OM-AFC                                        OM-AFD                                       OM-AFE           OM-AFH                                    OM-DOQ
OM-HCB OM-IBX                                        OM-IGO                                        OM-ISM                             OM-IPS                                      OM-LNS
OM-LNU OM-MPY                                       OM-PLP                                       OM-RLC             OM-SEN                                     N2682C
OM-M124 OM-M176                                     OM-M367                                     OM-M368           OM-M583                                  OM-0233
OM-1000 OM-1111                                      OM-1801                                      OM-3507           OM-6505                                    OM-7262
OM-7272 OM-8509                                      OM-9112                                      OM-9505           OM-9613                                    OM-9619


Q  Other aircraft:

January OM-MNT
February  N9184X
March OM-KLH    OM-KLO    OM-UTC    OK-KLS    N9184X
April OM-ARW   OM-CMH   OM-IVI    OM-M300    OM-M728    OM-S777   OM-KOZ   OM-UTC   OK-DSH   OK-PEB   OK-TUR
May OM-ARW   OM-BYD   OM-GST   OM-M773   OM-RWI   OM-UNI   OM-UTC   OK-FOR   OK-QUW01   N9184X   HA-DAN