Each air carrier has its own rules regarding the transport of baggage, called Conditions of Carriage, which include individual weight and dimension limits for hand baggage, as well as checked baggage. Always ask your air carrier about this information.

Cabin baggage must meet the requirement of specified dimensions so that in the plane it could be placed in box over the seat or below the seat.
Checked baggage - passenger does not have it during the flight by them, but it is transported separately in the plane's baggage compartment. The passenger shall hand over this baggage during the check-in.

Security Regulations restricted the carriage of some items in cabin baggage and checked baggage as well.

For cabin baggage it is not allowed to carry items of stabbing or cutting nature, as knives, scissors, razor blades, manicure, cork opener, etc. Also it is forbidden to carry weapons or any weapons models, explosive or flammable substances, chemical and toxic substances. On scheduled flights departing from within the EU is now restricted the carriage of liquids, creams, pastes, gels, aerosols, etc.

In checked baggage is not allowed to transport explosives, gases, inflammable liquids, substances and materials, chemical or toxic substances and radioactive materials.