For disabled people

Check- in of disabled people and people with reduced mobility

Disabled people and people with reduced mobility should have the same conditions of the air transport as other people. These rights are provided by: „Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Nm. 1107/2006 of the 5th July, 2006 about rights of disabled people and people with reduced mobility within the air transport.“

The Žilina Airport offers an assistance service for disabled people and people with reduced ability without charge through its employees. In the concern of a social integration our employees try to provide adequate care to the concerned people.
Of course it is necessary to inform us about the health state of a passenger in advance. The most important is to provide this information already at the flight ticket reservation (minimally 48 hours in advance). A forwarding agent then provides everything necessary for the provision of this service and confirms the service.

Possibilities and check- in of the Žilina Airport

  • The Žilina Airport disposes of two marked reserved parking places for disabled people and people with reduced mobility.
  • After arrival at the airport in the case of assistance service need it is enough to contact any of airport employees or to contact by phone in advance – phone number +421 41 5068100.
  • An employee of the airport will help you willingly with a registration and baggage reclaim at the Žilina Airport.
  • The whole area of the Žilina Airport is without barriers and it allows free moving of a passenger from the entrance gate, departure gate to the transport onto the plane.
  • We provide help with a wheelchair, other sanitary means and assistance at the transport to the toilette.
  • All services are provided in the same way at the arrival and also departure from/to the Žilina Airport.