Žilina region meeting regarding the airport

- Increase in the number of movements, the number of passengers and the improvement of the economic results by almost 35.2 percent compared to the previous year

- In 2018 LSŽ managed to achieve an operational profit (EBITDA) (if there was no depreciation and liabilities from previous years, LSŽ would be profitable in 2018)

- It was possible to confirm and handle four JOTA Aviation charter flights within the KIA Days which were achieved without any troubles thanks to the professionalism of all LSŽ employees

- In the framework of aviation activities, the Executive Director and the BoD managed to negotiate the flights of UT Air EU / STA helicopter training flights

- At its own expense, the Board of Directors printed promotional materials that were presented and supplied to business partners and we also began to actively communicate with the Žilina Tourist Region in search of possibilities for the development of weekend flying

- Active participation in search of aviation and non-aviation business activities, we have also sent a request to ŽSK to meet with the main employers in the regiion who could benefit from using our airport, albeit we have not received any positove reply from ŽSK in this matter

- New cooperation signed with FlyOnTime in order to help secure more general aviation flights and contacts with leading business entities

- An article about Žilina Airport in an international magazine done at the expense of the Board of Directors and the Executive Director (Airports of the World, 7 pages)

- Developing non-aviation activities such as a filming of a Slovak TV series at the airport

- We have managed to sign a contract for 2019 with an intermediary company that should provide the airport with more non-aviation activities (e.g. car and notorcycle shows among others)

- In the field of aviation activities, we were the main partner in the realization of the Žilina University Aviation Day and we managed to achieve a higher profit than we did in previous years

- Following the negotiations with the Customs Office we have managed to secure a customs space at the airport and this in conjunction with the cooperation with Anius (cargo handling) means that we are able to provide cargo flights handling at the airport which was previously not possible as the airport is not a regulated agent

- In cooperation with Anius we have supplied promotional materials and brochures regarding the opprotunities at the airport and they were sent to important brokers and cargo companies in Europe

- We were able to get into the databases of the major brokers e.g. Air Partner, Air Charter Services and Chapman Freeborn where these companies now approach us with the possibility of handling different flights

- We are communicating with CargoLux RFS - In the field of non-aviation activities, we are organising excursions to the airport and the former government Yak 40 aircraft based here

- Active participation in the "Slovak Week of Science and Technology"

- This year (2019) a potential cooperation with the University of Žilina was signed under the Interreg project

- Tactical training of the Integrated Rescue System Units and successful media coverage (TV Raj, RTVS, TA3 + radios)

- We have managed to negotiate and close new lease agreements (LPS, Anius)

- We have managed to adjust the lease agreements - addition of an article on inflation and an increase in rental prices depending on energy prices in the existing treaties signed by past BoDs

- New communication via social media (Facebook, increase in the number of fans and guests) as well as on a website

- Cost optimization

- We tried to rent land at the airport premises (and improve cash-flow) in order to build a new hangar and a caravan park. This activity was not made possible by the letter from the minority shareholder (ŽSK) who has a different concept

- Communication with ZSE regarding a charging station for electric vehicles at the airport as we are right next to the highway. Unfortunately, this initiative was not successful (and of course other iniciatives). 

We would also like to point out that the Board of Directors has done this work (in addition to its duties) for free.

Dear friends, Thank you for your trust and faith in Žilina airport and we believe that these steps will contribute to the improvement in the situation of the airport and will have a positive impact on its further progress.

Sincerely yours, Board of Directors of Žilina Airport Company Žilina, j.s.c.

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