The second annual meeting of travel agencies

On the 21th and 22nd of April 2009 the second annual meeting of travel agencies and other business partners took a place at the Airport Žilina in Dolný Hričov. This meeting was organized in cooperation with the air transporter Czech Airlines. This time it was not only at our Airport Žilina in Dolný Hričov, but we „whisked“ to Prague as well. By the Prague Airport visit salesmen could gain professional experience by the travelling from Žilina and moving to other connecting flights from Prague. A programme continued by the showing of a Prague terminal and training centre ČSA. At the flying simulator everybody could try flying the plane of ATR 42 type which flies to Žilina. Conclusion of the action was the visit of a VIP saloon at the Prague Airport where invited guests can make their waiting for connecting flights more pleasant by tasty refreshment. The next day we presented our fresh opened agency in Žilina in the hotel Holiday Inn. By the set up of this agency we would like to increase foreknowledge about the flight timetable of the Žilina Airport and connecting flights of the Prague Airport, fly ticket prices and about all the other services provided by our airport.
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