The General Assembly 2010

On May 31th, 2010 was held, in Žilina Airport, Annual General Meeting of Airport Žilina. Company management presented economic analysis of the company and informed the Supervisory Board and shareholders about the financial and operational status of the company. Two current shareholders, the owners of the company, were represented by Ministry of Transport Ing. Zuzana Medvedjová and Žilina Self – Governing region Ing. Joseph Štrba. The General Assembly was led by Chairman Ing. Ján Stehlík. Profit for the year 2009 is the loss 310.000 €, although the actual receipts for their operating expenses were higher by 7% over 2008. Compare the loss for the year 2009 to a loss in 2008 decreased by 31%. The negative profit is due to the very negative impact on the global economic crisis; air travel in 2009 is regarded as almost the worst in the aviation history. Žilina Airport is used for a wide range of flights. It's not just a training base for the University of Žilina. Socially and economically is the most essential the regular air traffic from Žilina via Prague in principle to the whole world. The positive development of this scheduled connection between the Prague and Žilina at the beginning of last year crippled "gas" crises. The threat of "oil" crisis and the global financial crisis caused a further significant loss of expected passengers. Despite these adverse effects Žilina Airport passenger numbers grew by about 2%. In operation of the airport, after a complete reconstruction of the light conducted by the safety device and energy for the direction of runway 06 in 2008, was major event in 2009 installing ILS navigation system for approach to ensure reliability and flight safety at night and the weather worsened. Currently is running the final certification. These factors significantly reduce the existing cancellations for reasons of weather, which is appreciated by the airlines, aircraft operators and passengers above all. For those, this means more reliability and regularity of flights from our airport in bad weather conditions. The passengers will be able to reuse the morning and evening departures arrivals without concern for their abolition. Our airport with this new navigation devices has finally entered the category of airports, such as Bratislava, Kosice and Poprad-Tatry ... A further increase reliability and security is dependent on the financial resources of the company's shareholders. The key question for the successful operation of the airport is the extension of the runway length of 2 450 m. The project documentation is prepared. In the final discussion, shareholders and company representatives agreed with the idea, that for sustainment and development of economic and social region contacts with the major European centres, airport is very important, despite the financial support is needed by the shareholders, the state and region government.
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