The business flights

Thanks to the economical development in Zilina region and constant demand for the most efficient way of transportation from the local business subjects the Zilina Airport have been gaining its importance also as an airport handling foreign and domestic private air taxi services. The Zilina airport is a great option due to its ideal location and above the standard customer service for scheduled as well as non-scheduled flights. We handled a large number of private charter flights from Western Europe in the summer. One of the most impressive airplanes that landed at the Zilina Airport was the German made turbo-props Dornier 328. The maximum take off weight of this aircraft is 14 tons with capacity of 32 passengers. With the maximum speed of 620km/h you can get to our airport from any European destination within 2 hours. It is worth to mention another unique aircraft, the American Beechcraft 1900, with a little bit less capacity – 19 passengers, but this type of aircraft is quite popular among the private business clientele.
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