Opera Jet expands fleet

Opera Jet company, which is based also on our airport, put new turbo-propeller aircraft into operation – Beechcraft King Air B200 GT, the 1st turbo-propeller aircraft in the fleet. Aircraft with the capacity of 6-7 seats could operate to/from short runway airports which aren’t suitable for jet aircraft. The aircraft was made in 2008 with the availability of single-pilot operations. The range is 2.965 km, top speed 570 km/h. Standard equipped Beechcrat King Air B200 GT costs around 5 million $. Together with Beechcraft King Air B200 GT Opera Jet operates 6 aircraft and the 7th one is on the way because on May 19, 2010 Opera Jet signed Dassault Falcon 2000 operations agreement and the aircraft will extend the fleet of Opera Jet. Dassault Falcon 2000 thanks to its 6.000 km range could cover even intercontinental flights. Our client could enjoy flight to Dubai for instance without a fuel stop. 1 flight hour should cost somewhere between 4.500 – 5.000 €. It’ll be the 1st heavy jet in Opera Jet fleet and it could cover the needs of the most demanding clients thanks to 1,88 m stand up cabin. The price of this aircraft is around 20 million $.
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