Night air Dolphin show

Air shows, festivals or air days are and always have been an indescribable pleasure or relaxation from everyday life for the eyes of flying and aircraft enthusiasts. However, despite modern innovations and the progress of these events towards increasing quality in order to differentiate themselves from others and, above all, to attract attention, more and more evening aviation events organized after sunset, at dusk or at night began to appear in the world. Or then your aircraft will literally light up and brighten the planes illuminated by high-performance LED technologies, various laser or pyrotechnic and smoke effects.

Even over Slovakia, the night sky should have come to life in this way several times. Unfortunately, the pandemic and the related security measures have caused that this uniqueness in our country will be taken care of by the Piešťany Aviation Festival, which we greatly expect from 7 to 8 May 2022. Based on this fact, we are one of the few in advance, had the opportunity to be part of the preparations and trips of our partner company L29.SK, sro with their subsonic training jet Aero L-29 Delfín at the airport in Žilina.
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