Fire Training Center at Frankfurt Airport

The Zilina Airport firefighters entered the customized Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Refresher course at Frankfurt Airport in November 2007. The course has been specifically developed for the Zilina, Poprad-Tatry, and Piestany Airports. This two day ARFF Refresher training course meets or exceeds the refresher training requirements defined in ICAO. Course subject areas were presented in academic classroom sessions, which were enhanced by demonstrative performance lectures teaching how to identify the hazards associated with commercial and military aircraft and how to understand the concepts, principles and theory of aircraft fire fighting. The whole training was complimented with “Hands-On” skill performance application. The fire-training objective was accomplished through realistic “Life Fire” training evolutions using the ARFF Liquid Propane Gas Aircraft Fire Training Simulator. The team of trainees was challenged with a variety of typical aircraft fire scenarios. The trainees were armed with appropriate fire fighting equipment and appliances combated and extinguished the turbojet engine fires, the landing gear fires, cargo compartment fires, fuel spill fires, cockpit fires, and galley and cabin fires. Upon completion of the training, course participants were issued a certificate of training.
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