Airport Žilina - I. Category Airport

On Friday, 3.2.2012 took place on a festive tour of the new navigation and safety equipment Žilina Airport in the presence of Minister of Transport and Construction and Regional Development. Žilina Airport completed the certification process and meets the criteria for approach and landing aircraft in weather conditions I. ICAO CAT. More comprehensive system of technical equipment to allow safe landing of aircraft in the bad weather conditions: 1.) installation of technical security equipment (X-ray equipment and other) 2.) build fences and gates to control the area around the airport, 3.) reconstruction of light and energy security devices, 4.) Installation of the navigation system for precision approach I. category. Frequent cancellations for weather reasons caused dissatisfaction for Zilina Airport passengers because they have not received their destination in time. In the winter months had to be cancelled up to 44% of flights scheduled services. That's now history.
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